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How are You Giving Your Ties Purpose?

This video on how to turn a necktie into a bow tie has been circulating on Facebook for a while and many of you have shared it with me for obvious reasons. As a creative spirit, I believe he has found a unique way to repurpose neckties and share it in an interesting way.

As a bowtie designer, this video further convicts me to innovate, inspire, educate and build a culture that celebrates individual passion through fashion..without compromise.

Bowties are to wardrobes what hot sauce is to your favorite meal. Its a dash of intensity that brings out the flavor of your ensemble. Its 14-20 inches of boldness carefully placed against a modest palate of personality. Fave Bowties (FBT) give you a one-of-a-kind, distinctive flavor unlike anywhere else on the web or in the world.

I find it extremely difficult embracing that passion by wrapping 3-4 feet of fabric and heavy lining around my neck in a way that is (in my opinion) more complex than the delicate and artistic manner in which a real bowtie is constructed.

This modern practice of repurposing a necktie into a bow tie robs those, who are curious/apprehensive about bow ties, of the opportunity to learn the true art form that has stood for more than 400 years.

Its madness to repurpose a bow tie into a neck tie and the opposite should also hold true. Rock a neck tie as a neck tie and a bow tie as a bow tie. If you’re skeptical or intimidated by the process of tying a bow tie, I’m here for you.

Ironically, I LOVE repurposing neckties into bow ties. Sounds contradictory, huh? Well, I do it by selecting the most imaginative neckties I can find, dismantling their original construction and cutting them into my own custom bow tie patterns.

Then they are re-sewn and steam-cleaned before appropriate hardware and labels are affixed. They’re one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted and bursting with character.

It may feel like a trend, but bow ties are timeless, exclusive and as original as you are. While a bow tie may say a million things, one theme is universal… respect your neck.

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